Want to Try Something New? The Smørrebrød Sandwich! Smørrebrød is an open sandwich of Denish origin, which is closely related to the Swedish smörgås. Until a young chef put it in the world’s culinary map, not many fashionable restaurants were putting it on their menu. Today, it has become highly fashionable in Copenhagen. It usually consists of a piece of buttered bread and topping. The bread which is the basis of the smørrebrød can be bought pre-sliced and comes in different varieties, including very dark, light-colored lyre and at times refined to whole grain. Traditionally, Smørrebrød was topped with marinerede sild, sliced cucumber, processed or cured meat, smoked fish, cucumber, boiled eggs, tomatoes, red onion, asparagus or remoulade. Hundreds other variations of the topping have been used to it with excellent results. It is a common practice for the sliced bread to be passed around the table in one dish, and the topping in another so that people can help themselves. It is definitely worth trying.


What is a Raggmunk? One of the most interesting pancakes in the world is the Swedish Ruggmunk, which is a Swedish potato pancake. They are made of eggs, wheat flour, butter, raw stirred lingon berries, potatoes and salt pork. There are many Raggmunk dishes in Sweden. However, the main way to prepare this type of pancake is to take one egg, 300 ml of milk and about 100 grams of wheat flour and make a batter out of them. Then you should add some salt (the quantity depends on how salty do you want the pancakes to be) and mix the whole thing with about 800 grams of grated potatoes. When the mix become homogenous, you can fry it just like you’d fry normal pancakes. Meanwhile, in the same time the pancakes are fried (in butter!!), you should also fry in a different pan some salt pork slices. Fry them until they become a bit crusty at the edges. Once they are done, add the meat slices on the pancake and serve them with lingonberries on top. They are delicious!

Cardamom rolls

What You Can Gain in Terms of Health Benefits By Eating Cardamom Rolls Cardamom originated from Nepal, Bhutan and India but today, its popularity has spread to other parts of the world. Cardamom rolls spices are some of the best ever because of several health benefits. First, cardamom has anti-carcinogenic characteristics that are essential in the prevention of various forms of cancer, especially colorectal cancer. Therefore, the spice can form a sustainable remedy for the problem, particularly now that the cost of treatment is very high. Cardiovascular conditions are a huge problems, but with cardamom spice, this problem can be controlled. Administration of the spice lowers the heartbeat and controls hypertension, according to a study conducted at King Saud University, Saudi Arabia. The spice is also a good countermeasure against cholesterol build up, mainly because of its micro-nutrient content. Studies conducted at Hindustan Antibiotics Limited in Pune, India have proven that cardamom rolls have the capability to control the increase of lipids. Cardamom has numerous other health benefits including detoxification, breath improvement and treatment of digestion problems. It is no wonder that the spice is regarded as one of the best in the world.

Pickled herring

how to make pickeled herring Sometimes we all have that crazy craving for a great meal. No matter who we are, there are those meals that we just can’t resist. The pickled herring is one of those meals that you can enjoy for an amazing experience. You only need a few ingredients to get this going and it cooks for a short while. This can be made as a snack as there isn’t much required to make them recipe. And can stay in your refrigerator for quite a while. The main ingredient is the herring fish. You also need to have kept it refrigerated for about half a day to a day at most. With simple ingredients, make the pickled solution by mixing sugar, water, vinegar and seasonings on pan and bring it to a boil. Rinse the fillets and cut them into one inch pieces. Let the pickled solution cool and cut some onion rings. Alternate layers of the fillets with onions and cover it in the pickled solution. Refrigerate the meal for about 72hours before serving.